Natural Beaded Rows. NBR


How do I know if I am a good fit?

During the consultation I will examine your hair and discuss how to maintain hair extensions to see if 

you are a good candidate.  We will also talk about the length and volume you would like.

If I feel you are a good fit for extensions we can go ahead and color match you and order your hair.

 It only takes a couple of days to get the hair in so you'll  be one step closer to having the gorgeous 

Lox you've always dreamed of growing!

Lox Custom Hair Extensions

After years of wearing and doing hair extensions, I needed to create a system that catered to each individual client, their unique hair type, density and growth pattern.

Custom placed and color matched, Lox Extensions are the perfect EXTENSION of you! 

Why Lox Extensions?

After becoming certified in the Natural Beaded Row extension method in 2011, (which I Love) I began to venture out a bit in order to create a system unique to each individual client that I have in my chair.  Placement is SO important!  Lox Custom Extensions are one of the most natural and easy to maintain methods out there! They will give you gorgeous lengths with the least amount of damage of any other technique. I base this off my own personal experience as well as my experience over the years with my clients. I have very thin fine hair and have a very difficult time growing it past my shoulders without it breaking or looking straggly. Strand by strand and tape in methods didn't work because my hair wasn't thick enough to hide the extensions.  
To make matters worse, I lost a ton of hair! Sound familiar?


AS with the NBR method, I attach multiple wefts using micro beads and 

reinforced thread. These rows are then custom placed according to the density and length of the existing hair. 

 The hair is perfectly matched and costume colored and cut to blend flawlessly.  Depending on whether

or not I do a color service on your own hair, the entire process only takes 2-5 hours.